Grass 9

1963 Jeep  used on certain grass fires, rocky bluffs and in and around orchards.  It has a Waterous  200GPM pump and carries 100 gallons of water.  Stainless slide in by Rears MFG Eugene, Oregon.

Tender 9

2010 Freightliner tender by US Fire in Tacoma with a 2000 gallon tank and 500 GPM Waterous pump with front sprayers and is pump and roll capable.

Brush 9

1998 Ford F350 4x4 with 300 gallon tank and 300 GPM Berkeley pump. Stainless slide in  by Rears MFG Eugene, Oregon.

Rescue 9

1992 Ford F350 4x4 built by Critzer in Spokane. It has a 200 gallon tank with premixed AFFF, 400 GPM Waterous pump, jaws of life, air bags, rescue saws, rope rescue equipment, and a 12,000lb wench on the front.

State of Washington certified aid vehicle.

Engine 9

 1997 Superior E-One Engine with front mounted 1,000 GPM Hale pump and 1,500 gallon tank. Pump and roll capable.

Washington State certified aid vehicle.

Support 9

2000 Ford F250 4x4. It is used a crew carrier, and in house medical aid calls.

Washington State certified aid vehicle

Naches Heights Fire Department
Yakima County
Fire District


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Wagon 9

Our most recent purchase is a 2001 E-One Saulsbury  with rear  mounted  1250 GPM  Hale pump and 1,000 gallon tank with 1/4 mile of 5" hose.

Washington State certified aid vehicle.

Neighbors Helping  Neighbors